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Securing Your Social Security Disability Benefits

It is a common misconception that disability benefits are immediately available to you the moment after you become disabled. This is simply not true. Our attorneys are here to explain the Social Security Disability process and help you complete all of the steps necessary to obtain the benefits to which you are entitled.

As a preliminary matter, you must demonstrate the following to be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits:

  • You worked for a predetermined amount of time during the years before you became disabled. SSDI candidates who do not meet the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) history-of-earnings threshold may only be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. For candidates who do meet the threshold, the dollar amount of your disability compensation depends in part on your income history.
  • Your disability meets the SSA’s definition of “disability.” According to the SSA, you qualify for SSDI only if: (1) you cannot do the work you did before you became disabled, (2) you cannot perform another job in your current medical condition, and (3) your doctor expects that your injury will last for at least one year or result in death. Proving disability to the SSA is a time-consuming, painstaking, and often frustrating process. Our attorneys are experienced in helping clients establish disability with the SSA.

Unfortunately, regardless of how quickly your case moves through the process, there will be a delay between the onset of your disability and the date when your disability benefits begin. One of our attorneys will explain the Social Security Disability program and what you can expect during the process in greater detail during your one-on-one initial consultation.

Ineligible for SSDI Benefits? You May Be Eligible for SSI Benefits

If you are disabled and continue to earn more than what the SSDI program allows because there is no financial alternative for your family, you may qualify for SSI benefits. The SSA uses a precise formula to calculate eligibility for SSI that takes into account your current earning capacity and medical expenses. If you are struggling to make ends meet with SSDI, we can help you understand your options and pursue a route that makes sense for your family. Call or contact the Law Offices of Barbara B. Comerford online today.


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